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Author interview by Michael Kelley

I’m grateful to author, speaker and Lifeway leader Michael Kelley for opting an interview with me on his blog, Forward Progress.

Below is my response to his question, “Explain the title of the book. Why do you call Jesus a super center Savior?”

Great question. First of all, the message of the book is that life is “super when centered on the Savior.” The title of the book is intended to communicate two things:
1. Our society is consumed with consumerism. It’s best evident in the presence of retail super centers that dot the landscape. We love our stores big, with lots of options, full of shiny new things. We want to be able to buy our underwear and our lettuce in the same place. We’re addicted to convenience.
2. Our society needs a Savior. We cannot meet our needs by buying our way out. The book is a comparative analogy of the church and Walmart that is both thought-provoking and playful. Its audience is Christians and church leaders who have allowed ministry to become mundane and have lost the joy of living in-between Sundays for the glory of God.

Stop by his blog and read the whole interview and help spread the word about Super Center Savior.

Michael has a new book coming out in September called Boring: Finding an Ordinary God in an Extraordinary Life. Can’t wait to read it!