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Take a step into a playful yet challenging comparison of the church to Wal-Mart

Using stories, personal examples, and cultural events, Pastor Jeff Noble helps Christians connect their mission and identity with creative analogies to Wal-Mart. He issues a thoughtful challenge for Christians to rethink, reinvest, and repent of selfishness and nudges the western consumer to commit to a faith-filled, dynamic, and influential lifestyle.

If you've ever shopped at Wal-Mart, you'll connect immediately with the analogies of the book, and if you've ever attended church, you'll recognize and appreciate the lessons to be learned. Jeff combines a light-hearted tone with loving correction as he leads the reader to examine how Jesus can be the center of their life between Sundays.

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The Analogy

You'll love the humor and insight behind the comparison of Wal-Mart and the church.

Keeping It Ready

This chapter asks whether the church and everyday Christ followers are really ready for people to ask them about their faith.

24 Hours a Day

Churches have schedules of services, but do their attenders understand the joyful privilege of living for Christ between services?

The Voice

Hearing your name called over the PA system at Wal-mart is unnerving, but it's also used for announcements. Are we listening?

You're Not Always Right

"The customer is always right" is a well-known mantra, but that can't be true in life always. What do we do when we're wrong?

How Jesus Shops

You'll be challenged and pleasantly surprised by this chapter. Rather than a guilt-inducing lecture, it's an invitation to gracious, generous, joyful living.

About the Author

Jeff is the pastor of Northstar Church in Blacksburg, Virginia. He is an Arkansas native and considers himself one of the people of Walmart. He has served as a campus minister, a church planter and has a background in graphic design. Super Center Savior is Jeff's first book.

Jeff blogs regularly at Notes from the Trail, and tweets up a storm. Follow him here.

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